Board rooms are the center for the decision-making that runs a company. It’s where ideas are discarded, rethought and embraced. Many cups of coffee are consumed while members are forced to endure a series of boring talks. Fortunately, modern technology for workplaces can make meetings more productive and productive.

The right meeting technology will give directors of boards the tools they require to interact with each other and their remote audiences. In addition to improving collaboration, these tools can ensure that all board members are involved and are able to take part in a way that is equal, regardless of their location or device.

A board portal is among the most effective tools boards can make use of. Board portals have become a favored boardroom tool since they provide an entire suite of tools to assist boards in preparing for meetings and work together during them.

Interactive whiteboards are another key technology for boardrooms. These interactive whiteboards are extremely efficient and enable teams to brainstorm ideas, build them, and create dynamic presentations. These panels are often designed to work with video conferencing platforms, and feature the latest content creation software. One example is BenQ’s EZWrite software suite, which provides the ability to easily draw, write and add information to your screens in real-time.

Your meetings can be more productive than ever with the appropriate conference room technology. Contact an DGI consultant to find out more about the tools that are most suitable for your business.