Create more explanations about a certain topic or subject. There are different characters conversing, and a plot is unravelling. This is persuasive writing because the author has a belief—that “this city should consider placing a bid to host the Olympics”—and is trying to convince others to agree. Problem solution describes a specific problem and then provides several solutions. To effectively use the cause-and-effect pattern, you need results that can be traced back to very specific events or actions. If you do not have either of those components, choose a different organizational pattern.

With the release of the Model S in 2012, the electric vehicle was about to change forever. EV’s went from impractical to reality almost overnight. There is a single word that answers that question.

Descriptive/Definition – The writer gives a complete explanation of the topic with evidence, examples, and background history. Below is the answer to 7 Little Words expository pieces which contains 6 letters. Expository pieces is part of puzzle 207 of the Canyons pack.

Then start putting in your information according to each paragraph’s topic. Three Paragraph Body – Most expository essays contain three paragraphs that each expands on the information presented in the topic paragraph. Writers will use the comparative expository essay when the goal is to compare two topics to each other. Those topics could be conceptual, like religious beliefs, or concrete, like comparing New York to Paris. When writing a comparative essay, it’s important to stick to just the two topics and not add in additional comparisons.

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Now your goal is to compare it to other research ideas for treatment of diseases, like prescription drugs. To write this piece, plan a section comparing the dangers or risks for both treatments. Expository pieces of literature are used to convey a concept or information and require organizational patterns for their structuring. Learn more about expository writing, cause and effects, sequence, order of importance, compare, contract, and problem solutions. The main purpose of expository information is to present information in a balanced, detailed, and objective way. Expository writing should inform the reader about many different perspectives on a topic as well as give ample evidence to support the topic.

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Need some ideas to get started on your expository essay? Check out a list of 100 writing prompts for middle school students. You can also find some writing strategy tips or more examples of informative essays to get your creative juices going. When you write an expository essay, you are explaining something to your audience. It is different from technical writing , which explains how to do or use a product.

The type of writing that you read in the newspapers, manuals, textbooks, and encyclopedia articles is termed as expository writing. Expository writing is further divided into five categories. It takes the reader through a step-by-step process of completing a specific task.

Technical manuals and research papers are both types of expository writing. So are lab reports, investigative journalism pieces, expository essays, and explainer video scripts. Even recipes count as pieces of expository writing, as do travel guides and biographies.

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